Marcomists Swear by Advanced B2B Marketing Strategy

What is a Marcomists? This is a loaded question, I will admit. A Marcomists is a person who has received training in the application of a very particular marketing approach designed to grow businesses in competitive niches. But I call it a loaded question because, as of right now, private coaching is the only way to learn this priority marketing approach. That is actually what the current iteration of this site is dedicated too.

I personally train and coach business owners, entrepreneurs, and lean teams working in professional services or software as a service platforms (SaaS) as well as startups that develop products and services using Fintech and Artificial intelligence, on this members-only website. That is rather particular, I know, but there is a reason I am going in this direction.

I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on a book that will outline the whole plan for a far larger audience, but in the interim, I have decided to work with a small number of people in a select group of cutting-edge markets. My beta group and I are working together to build a community of entrepreneurs who are succeeding with the approach that will be made public next quarter. I will release the complete strategy in book form first, and then by welcoming new members to our now-private community.

If you are here beforehand, do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn with any inquiries. This strategy is one that has been a lifetime in the making, at least for my lifetime. For me at least, this strategy has been in the works for a very long time. I began my marketing entrepreneurialism in 1995, and for the last three decades I have been solely focused on perfecting one skill, growth marketing. That is, a marketing approach whose success is entirely determined by producing results that are scalable.

Some may argue that this is easier said than done, but that is precisely the beauty of the methodology I teach. It is based on time-tested principles that produce results, and these principles can be applied to any business that provides a product or service that would benefit from increased exposure through marketing.

Most entrepreneurs I meet avoid marketing for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons I hear are that marketing is too expensive, time consuming, or that they have tried and failed. Everyone seems to agree that their experience has been ‘easier said than done,’ at least until they are exposed to the methodology, I share with them.

To put it bluntly: it works because it has to. I make my living not as a coach or trainer, but as an entrepreneur. I have founded several startups over the years, and each one of them have surpassed expectations. So it is true that I practice what I preach; after a lifetime as an entrepreneur, eating what you kill becomes more than just a means of survival; it is the best means of thriving I know.

I should caution you, there is one caveat, the strategic system I share is not intended for worker bees in corporate America. Those who are ‘fat and happy.’ Those who are satisfied with receiving a paycheck every few weeks or so, who sit comfortably in the middle of some corporate ship… Belonging to this community of marketers requires the correct mindset and instinct, which are both severely lacking in those who set comfortable midship. Acceptance into this training requires more than just curiosity and plastic. Those with a midshipmen mindset do not need to bother.

Now, if you are still reading, you already understand what I mean when I say that as entrepreneurs, we do not just survive, but thrive by means of our own creations. What distinguishes me in this field is that I actively sought out opportunities that began in marketing and backed into entrepreneurial areas that closely matched my passion for strategic thought. Little did I know that this marketing-first worldview would propel me headfirst into many tip-of-the-spear projects that are now popular brands but were once just entrepreneurial pipedreams that had landed on my desk.

From this foundation, the Marcomists strategy emerged, and it continues to produce results for many like-minded business owners today. I am looking forward to the public launch of the membership program. I am looking forward to meeting more people who thrive on wit, ingenuity, and a healthy dose of sales and marketing. Until then.



The acrostic meaning of the term “MARCOMISTS” is one of time-tested strategic marketing principles that have been forged in the crucible of competitive growth marketing in some of the most foreboding niches that can be imagined.